Salisbury Ventures

Salisbury Ventures is a boutique firm in Berlin that helps pre-seed & seed-stage data-centric startups.  The underlying thesis for Salisbury is that we live in a golden time of new data sets emerging on top of which new great businesses will emerge. Clients of Salisbury include (Y Combinator), SourceDNA (Y Combinator), or Nextbit (Accel Partners, Google Ventures).  

What We Do

We Gain Understanding Of Your Product By Running Tests

Regardless of product-market-fit we usually start our engagement with selling our client's products. At seed stage most often the CEO co-founder does most of the selling. By helping the CEO co-founder sell, we can learn a lot about the product, the state of the product-market fit and gain trust.

We Iterate On Product-Market-Fit

If the tests hit road blocks, then we stay small and identify theses which we quickly iterate on. If sales are successful and there's early global product-market fit we then increase the resources to see if the sales can be scaled.

We Help You With Business Development & Marketing

With signs of a product-market fit, we iterate on BD activities and run marketing tests across different countries to see if leads for the sales funnel can be scaled.

We Provide Resources: Processes, Recruiting  & Investment

As the process unfolds, we help our clients to build their processes. We either recruit for positions at SV that help our clients in turn or we recruit for internal positions at our clients. If needed, we also either facilitate 3rd party investments or invest ourselves.


Our Theses - What We Are Interested In

A new generation of digital databases & how companies provide better services for their users

We are living in an age where our lifes are becoming more and more digital as things around us such like our phones, cars or homes get equipped with ever smarter software. This digital data is collected and gets stored in siloed databases. 

In the next 10 years we will see multiple great companies that will take advantage of these data sets and will build a new generation of services that will shape our lifes.

We are currently especially interested in talking to startups that do interesting things on top of Google's Bigquery or Amazon's Redshift, the fastest growing service Amazon ever built where many of the products from out client are built on.

New sets of digital data and better ways how corporations work with each other 

Just as much the digitalisation has an impact on how companies provide service to consumers, it  also fosters new ways how companies can work with each other. 

We are currently most interested in companies that unearth new data sets (e.g. county, city or state data in the case of Orb Intelligence), companies that scrape objects in novel ways or that find new ways how to work with APIs. 

Innovative forms of platforms & marketplaces

Simplified these types of projects are about connecting supply & demand. They are particularly interesting as the digitalization of our world make transactions on them (be it sales or specific views or others) trackable and data-driven iterations possible. There's multiple approaches gaining mainstream usage right now - with mobile-first on-demand marketplaces such as Delivery Hero or Uber being particularly well-known.  

On our end we are particularly interested in machine-learning centric approaches such as Last Mile's.


Examples from earlier projects

Xyo's API Product-Market FitXyo's API Product-Market Fit
BI ProductBI Product
Marketplaces - T-Shirt Design Competition la FraiseMarketplaces - T-Shirt Design Competition la Fraise